Inthera PharmaMed Group Technologies Platform is supported by our supply chain spanning the development of APIs, formulation services and commercial cGMP partnering manufacturing of APIs & Drug Products to packaging, clinical trial kit services, and pharma logistics. Each of the Technology Platforms are overseen by a platform director and supervisor, and supported by marketing...


Inthera PharmaMed’s understanding of the development process, and access to resources throughout its network of facilities, allows for the fast and reliable supply of APIs. We provide seamless technology transfer from research laboratories to our partnering integrated network of reliable commercial cGMP manufacturing facilities, which offer a wide range of reactor capacity...


Inthera PharmaMed Group manufacture and supply a wide range of Injections, Anti-Cancer, Antibiotics, Lyophilized Injections, Tablets and Capsules. We provide complete development of analytical methods for drug compounds, excipients and drug products to support our contracted customers. Analytical methods are developed and validated...


Inthera PharmaMed’s clinical trial units operate in close collaboration with formulation development and commercial manufacturing to take advantage of the full range of capacities, resources and complete big pharma infrastructure offered by all of Inthera PharmaMed’s facilities...


Inthera PharmaMed linking together a legacy of expertise to navigate the complex regulations and registration processes necessary to test new Drug Products and bring them to market. Experienced, on-site Regulatory Affairs teams ensure regulatory compliance by preparing and maintaining...


Inthera PharmaMed through partners manages all the logistical procedures involved in packaging development by creating and producing your packaging components. From layout development and producing a printable copy to procuring the materials, we work with creativity and precision....


Inthera PharmaMed Group, supports customers with on-site regulatory affairs personnel for the documentation of CMC development projects in the CTD format for convenient inclusion in IND / IMPD / NDA / MAA filing dossiers. Inthera PharmaMed linking together a legacy of expertise to navigate the complex regulations and registration processes necessary to test new Drug Products and bring them to market…

Inthera PharmaMed Exports/Imports a Wide Range of Injections, Anti-Cancer, Antibiotics, Lyophilized Injections, Tablets & Capsules

.Injectable – Lyophilized – Powder – Liquid & PFS

.Capsules (General, Hormones, Oncology)

.Sterile Eye Ointments & General Creams

.Tablets (Beta Lactams, Non Beta Lactams, Hormones, Oncology)


.Dry Syrup/ . Liquid Syrups



.Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops

.Over the counter (OTC)

Inthera PharmaMed Group Exports/Imports High Quality  Anti viral Key Products

.Tocilizumab 10 ml

.Tocilizumab 20 ml

.Remdesivir Injection 100/150 mg

.Favipiravir Tablets 200/400 mg

.Enoxaparin Injection 40/60 mg

.Heparin Sodium Injection 5000/25000 IU

.Lopinavir and Ritonavir Tablets

.Methylprednisolone Succinate Injection

.Methylprednisolone Acetate Injection

.Noradrenaline Injection

.Vasopressin Injection

.Atracurium Injection

.Teicoplanin Injection

.Heparin enoxaparin sodium injection BP 2×0.6ml


Inthera PharmaMed Group, as an international pharmaceutical service provider platform, and importer/exporter of pharmaceutical products is a full-service Contract Development with manufacturing plants, Manufacture and export/import APIs, Drug Products, and associate in Packaging & logistics Services to world countries. Through a growing network of focused professional team under our Technologies Platform – Peptides – Lipids &Carbohydrates – Highly Potent & Oncology – Injectables – Small Molecules – Inthera PharmaMed Group experts translate complex processes, ideas and projects at any stage of development into high-value products, and in to export/import of injectable finished pharmaceutical products…


We strive to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our affordable products including medicines and vaccines. We are committed to provide top quality, research-intensive biopharmaceuticals and incorporate technologies like Lyophilization, 3D printing, Nanotechnology, Drug experimentation on simulation models, and Peptides, Lipids &Carbohydrates, Highly Potent & Oncology , Injectables, Small Molecules and many more. We are dedicated to provide solutions for today & tomorrow.


Inthera PharmaMed is a full-service partner in the cGMP Contract Development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Finished Drug Products and Pharma Packaging Services, supporting pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies to achieve product success for their patients’ healthier lives. We believe in customer satisfaction and in process to achieve leadership globally, through excellence in technology,research and development.