Lipids & Carbohydrates Development

Custom Lipid Manufacturing

We offer cGMP contract manufacturing of proprietary lipids, phospholipids, monoglycerols, diacylglycerols, sphingosines, ceramides and engineered cationic lipids to meet our customers’ tailored demand of custom lipid excipients.

Furthermore, we are in a unique position to draw upon this combination of chemistry capabilities to synthesize novel liposome conjugate components conjugated with functional peptides or carbohydrates for targeted drug delivery.

Standard Lipids

A wide selection of Readily Available Lipids Phospholipids suitable for Research & Discovery is available for purchase in convenient 1 g and 10 g pack sizes, please contact us for more details. 

To Place An Order For Readily Available Catalog Lipids Please Contact: 



We are positioned to provide development and manufacturing services along the value chain ranging from clinical activities through process development, scale-up and GMP manufacturing of Complex Carbohydrates for a wide range of applications, including:

>> Glycoconjugate Vaccine Antigens

>> Immunomodulatory Therapeutics

>> Tissue Targeting / Drug Delivery Motifs

>> Carbohydrate-based APIs

Inthera PharmaMed additionally provides a full range of innovative carbohydrate synthesis and nucleotide derivatives from early-phase through to commercial cGMP manufacturing:

* Manufacturing from tens / hundreds of g to multi-kg Production of;

     >> Di and Trinucleotide

     >> Cyclic Dinucleotide

     >> Complex Carbohydrates

         >> Glycolipid

         >> GalNac

         >> Phosphatidylinositol

         >> Glycopeptide

* Multi-Step Process Engineering Expertise

* Modified and / or Regular Phosphoramidites

* cGMP Production Capabilities for;

     >> Clinical Trial Material

     >> Commercial API Material