Packaging Sensitive Materials

Packaging for Sensitive Biological Clinical Trial Materials

Our Clinical Services provides high-quality, sturdy packaging to protect sensitive biological clinical trial materials from environmental conditions common in transit, such as changes in temperature, humidity, light, oxygen, pressure, vibrations, and X-ray scanning. The group has expertise in the requirements of timelines, innovation, and specialises in drug packaging. It provides support for biotech and pharma companies, executing small Phase I, Phase II and multi-national Phase III trials.

To ensure patients have access to the drugs they need, our Clinical Services reduces cycle times and allows clinical supply teams to meet tight timelines. The company keeps your critical path in mind, engineering automated solutions to prevent environmental risks and provide a flexible supply chain. This is supported by a global project management team, solely focused on clinical trials, with expertise in supporting clinical trials of all sizes, global reach and complexity.

Our Clinical Services’ packaging is adaptable to meet the requirements of each trial; the optimal configuration expertly advised by the company’s engineering team. The solutions are practical and come complete with temperature requirements and label options for a fully custom design. Whatever the packaging challenge – our Clinical Services’ clients face, the design team makes a thorough review of plans to provide deep insight into best industry practices.