Commercial Products

At Inthera PharmaMed we supply a wide range of Injections, Anti-Cancer, Antibiotics, Lyophilized Injections, Tablets and Capsules.

Chemical Entities, Re-Formulations & Generics

>> Powder & Granule-filled Capsules

>> Powder Granules & Pellets

>> Immediate Release Tablets

>> Controlled Release Tablets

>> Mini-tablets

>> Multi-layer Tablets

>> Blister & Bottle Packaging

Products for Pediatric Use

>> Mini-tablets

>> Granules & Pellets

>> Dry Syrup

>> Oral Disintegrating Tablets (ODT)

>> Small Chewable Tablets or Effervescent Tablets

>> Small Standard Tablets & Capsules (low dose)

>> Taste Masking

Highly Potent & Oncology Formulation

We are the partner of choice in the area of Highly Potent and Oncology Formulations. From small scale development quantities to commercialization, we offer a continuum of services including a variety of capabilities in finished dose manufacturing and packaging.

Highly Potent and oncological products present challenges due to the complex handling. Our facilities are designed to meet the strictest regulatory and safety standards to ensure the safety of production personnel and the environment while maintaining the integrity of the product. We utilize a proven management system, engineering controls, occupational health pre-planning and protective equipment for a wide range of products and safety classifications.

Products Supply List;