COVID-19 Management

COVID-19 Pandemic Key Medicines Supply;

Pharma operations leaders have increased their focus on network risk management, agile and transparent operations, and shaping the workforce of the future in the post-COVID-19 path to recovery. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, many across the industry have been highly responsive. Industry operations leaders have rallied to enable the supply of key medicines across borders, manage workforce safety, and handle evolving government restrictions all while beginning to prepare for new vaccines and therapeutics. And most companies have put crisis-response command centres in place to appropriately manage and bring stability to an otherwise unstable time.

At the individual company level, we at Inthera PharmaMed have established a special supply channel under COVID-19 medicines supply and are now more focused on operational, production and expansion of our supply international points to ease interaction with our customers.

Covid-19 Key Products Supply

Covid-19 Key Products Supply;

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