Peptides Platform

Platform Description

Our Peptides Platform is comprised of Bio-organic Peptide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Our experts and group development partners at Seatrack International Group manufacture Peptide APIs using solid-phase, solution-phase, and hybrid solid-solution phase technology at all scales.

The wide range of downstream processing capabilities, including preparative HPLC purification, benefits manufacturing at any stage of development.

To complete the fully-integrated service offering, we support customers with Fill & Finish and Pharma Packaging / Logistic services (clinical trial kits, randomization & logistics).

Platform Capabilities

With streamlined process development, scale-up and large-scale manufacture, Inthera PharmaMed’s Peptide expertise is supported by our partnering cGMP peptide API facilities in India under Seatrack International Group. In addition to the GMP facility process development teams and to increase R&D throughput, the Group Peptide Centre of Excellence supports all facilities with process design, development and non-GMP synthesis.

Inthera PharmaMed is experts in: